New signings for the graphics list

We’re proud to announce six new titles for the graphics list, coming in 2017 and 2018. These diverse and exciting new titles come from a range of both established and new voices to expand our thought-provoking and colourful graphics list, as well as spearheading Myriad’s position at the forefront of Graphic Medicine publishing in the UK.

A Thousand Coloured Castles by Gareth Brookes
Gareth Brookes‘ 2013 debut, The Black Project, was winner of Myriad’s inaugural First Graphic Novel Competition.  A Thousand Coloured Castles (page pictured) is a unique, gorgeously crayoned story about an elderly couple in the suburban South, in which Myriam, who suffers alarming hallucinations, struggles to convince her disbelieving husband Fred that there really is a boy being held captive in the house next door.

Blackwood by Hannah Eaton
Blackwood, the beautiful second novel by Brighton-based artist Hannah Eaton, is a graphic mystery set in the small town of Hendersby, where two murders occur, many years apart. Hannah’s debut, Naming Monsters, was published in 2013.

Graphic Science by Darryl Cunningham
Darryl Cunningham‘s investigative graphic works, Science Tales and Supercrash , have already won him critical acclaim and prizes. Featuring his customary spare yet eloquent style, Darryl’s new work is Graphic Science, a fascinating profile of seven undervalued scientists, from Mary Anning to George Washington Carver, exploring their aims, struggles, successes and failures.

(A Girl’s Guide To) Sensible Footwear by Kate Charlesworth
Kate Charlesworth is the award-winning illustrator of Sally Heathcote: Suffragette(A Girl’s Guide To) Sensible Footwear opens the curtains on an exhilarating spectacle of lesbian pageantry from the 1960s to the present day. Personal and political, it gives Pride a run for its money, putting lesbian history under the spotlight and making the invisible visible.

Noni’s Wedding by Aneurin (Nye) Wright
Merging mythology and family drama, Noni’s Wedding by Aneurin (Nye) Wright is the story of one man – widower and father – who sets out to plan the wedding of his beloved niece but finds challenges of mythic proportions standing in his way. Nye is also the author of Things To Do In A Retirement Home Trailer Park.