Myriad publishes around 12 books each year. We are looking for great stories, original voices and ideas, and excellent writing. We want to see manuscripts that will open readers’ eyes to new experiences and new ways of seeing or understanding the world.

We publish in four areas:

  • Literary fiction: contemporary and historical
  • Crime fiction: psychological and political thrillers with strong female characters
  • Graphic novels: documentary comics, graphic reportage, fiction, memoir and life writing, graphic medicine
  • Literary or political nonfiction: feminist, literary nonfiction, memoir

Submissions policy
Myriad accepts submissions directly from authors, and also from literary agents.

Before you submit your manuscript, please explore this website and read about the other books we’ve published recently to ensure that yours fits with the style and themes of our list.

We do not publish:

  • Young adult fiction, children’s books, horror, science fiction, fantasy, plays or poetry
  • Books that have been previously published or self-published (in print or as ebooks) unless you are a graphic novelist

    Literary agents
    , please note:
    We are unable to consider books that have been published in the USA or those already acquired by a US publisher unless publication is scheduled for at least one year hence.

How to submit
Please email with the following information:

  • Why you think Myriad is the right publisher for your book
  • Details of any previous publications, including online and in literary or other magazines
  • Details of any competition successes
  • At least two comparable titles i.e. books that have been published in the last five years that are similar to yours in style, subject matter and/or readership
  • A synopsis
  • (for prose) Your complete manuscript as a Word document
  • (for graphic books) A sample PDF (no larger than 10MB) and a link to your complete work

We do not accept paper submissions and cannot return any material posted to us.

Our response
We try to look at every submission within a day or two of receipt in order to decide whether one of us should read it, or whether the author clearly hasn’t looked at what we publish. We’ll email back almost at once if we are the wrong publisher for your book.

If a submission looks interesting and the author has taken the trouble to send the information we’ve asked for (above), we’ll read at least a few chapters before deciding whether or not to continue. Generally we will respond to these submissions within two months. During this time, please only get in touch if you have another offer or if you have signed up with a literary agent.

Owing to the volume of submissions we receive, we are not able to offer feedback on manuscripts if you are unsuccessful.

Occasionally we will close the submissions portal and you will receive an autoresponder explaining that we’re unable to consider any new manuscripts until we’ve assessed those we’ve already received. If you receive such a response, please bear with us; it seems fairer to let you know in this way rather than to keep you waiting for months. Please don’t be disillusioned; please submit your work to other publishers.

Our competitions
We organise two competitions for unpublished authors: First Drafts (annually) and the First Graphic Novel Competition (every two years).