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How to Hijack the Global Economy
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Shortlisted   —British Comic Awards – Best Book2015

Shortlisted   —British Book Design and Production Awards2015

Shortlisted   —AOI World Illustration Award2015

Best seller   —New York Times2015

Top Ten Graphic Novels   —Paul Gravett’s PG Tips2014

Winner   —Broken Frontier Awards – Best Writer2014

Number One   —OK Comics Top Twenty Comic Books of 20142014

Comic Book of the Month   —Page 45December 2014

Joe Gordon's Top Pick of the Year   —Forbidden Planet International2014

Best Graphic Novels   —Sequential2014

Darryl Cunningham’s latest investigation takes us to the heart of free-world politics and the financial crisis, as he traces the roots of bankrupt countries to the domination of right-wing policies and the people who created them.

Cunningham draws a fascinating portrait of the New Right and the charismatic Ayn Rand, whose soirees were attended by the young Alan Greenspan. He shows how the Neo-Cons hijacked the economic debate and led the way to a world dominated by the market. Smaller countries, such as Greece, have paid the price for joining a club that held impossible membership rules.

He examines the neurological basis of political thinking, and asks why it is so difficult for us to change our minds – even when faced with powerful evidence that a certain course of action is not working. Cunningham’s spare yet eloquent prose, perfectly complemented by the beauty and clarity of his artwork, delivers a devastating analysis of our economic world.

Darryl Cunningham is also the author of Science Tales.

Carla Sinclair, boingboing

31 March 2015
Wow, this graphic history book brought my blood to a high boil, not a reaction I expected… If this first section [Part One: Ayn Rand] was all there was, it would have been a fascinating enough book. Part Two: The Crash is when the heat shot up. It… connects Rand’s political philosophies to Greenspan’s views, and then Greenspan’s influence on American politics and the way America does business.
The most fun section of the book, ‘Part Three: The Age of Selfishness’…is when author and illustrator Darryl Cunningham presents us with research that dissects the minds, personality traits, and lifestyles of both republicans and democrats, and shows how their brain processes work differently. Cunningham explains that both personality types are needed in society but the extremes of either camp can be dangerous. This is a well-researched, detail-packed book that I’ll need to read a few more times to fully digest.
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