Myriad publishes award-winning literary fiction, graphic novels and political nonfiction, including ground-breaking infographic atlases.

Our books include contemporary and historical literary fiction; crime, especially psychological and political thrillers; narrative and feminist nonfiction; and graphic novels that span a variety of genres including memoir and life writing, Graphic Medicine and documentary comics.

Our books have won the Authors’ Club Best First Novel Award (twice) and have been shortlisted for other prestigious awards, including the CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger, Polari First Book Awards, British Book Design and Production Award, Wales Book of the Year Award, Prix des Lecteurs and the Premio Letterario. 

As part of our mission to support new and emerging authors we organise two work-in-progress competitions, one for fiction (First Drafts) and the other for graphic novels (First Graphic Novel Competition). Both have a track record of uncovering and launching authors who progress to achieve creative and commercial success.

In 2017 we merged with New Internationalist—an independent, not-for-profit, community-owned publishing co-operative—as part of a joint plan to expand, reach wider audiences and publish books that push boundaries and embrace diversity.