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'In this high-stakes thriller about organ trafficking, a young woman’s life is changed in the blink of an eye after a stabbing...Continue reading 14 Brilliant New Books... by The Glossary

'Humanity’s social progress is real. More people live longer, healthier lives than ever. Fewer live in extreme poverty than 30 years ago and...Continue reading 'Progress? Yes, really.' A personal blog post by Dan Smith

Kate Charlesworth, author of Sensible Footwear: A Girl's Guide has been cheering up the masses by sharing archived comic strips, starting with 'Plain Tales From the Bars'. To...Continue reading Plain Tales From the Bars by Kate Charlesworth

Make this wonderful profile on Margaret a Busby the first thing you read today. We have a few signed NDOA copies left via the website! #BlackHistoryMonth #NewDaughtersOfAfrica


'...powerful and convincing'
– @Tonisenior for @TheTimesBooks on #AMorePerfectUnion


Here's @dansmith2020 having a flick-through of the #StateOfTheWorldAtlas, out now!

This book is full of infographics, stats and fascinating analysis. You can buy it here: @SIPRIorg

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