Interview with Tyler Keevil by Lucy J Loves

‘Now that I have a so-called proper job, and a couple of books out, it’s easier to get complacent and put the writing off. Mañana, right? But everybody’s busy, writers or otherwise, so there’s nothing special about my predicament. It’s a matter of will and self-discipline. I think of the writers I admire, and try to take my cue from them.’

Insightful interview with Tyler by Lucy J Loves on her blog, as part of her ‘A Day in the Life of…‘ series.

Boxing on Tyler’s Website

Evidence that writing isn’t such a solitary existence but actually quite dangerous! Tyler fought D.D. Johnston at Cheltenham Literature Festival with literary critic Dr Martin Randall (who had interviewed them first) acting as referee.  It was the first (and possibly last) boxing match the Cheltenham Literature Festival had ever seen! Head to Tyler’s website to read why the authors were boxing…