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The Drive

Your Still Beating Heart

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'Equally compelling and unsettling, this razor-sharp thriller reminds us, that for life to be truly lived, we must know death. In loss we confront our true nature, though we might not recognise the person we discover. In his customary electric prose, Keevil cranks up the tension. You won't be able to look away.'—Katherine Stansfield

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All it takes to change a life is a single moment: a random stabbing in London that leaves a young woman widowed and cut-off from her previous life. As a way of coping, she books a spontaneous trip to Prague, the city where she and her husband got engaged. A chance meeting leads to an intriguing proposition. There’s a small job for someone like her: someone without a criminal record or personal connections; someone willling to take a minor risk. All she needs to do is pick something up, and drive back. Just once. Only ever once.

Her mission takes her to a place where life is cheap and sordid deals are done. Risking her own life to save another, she must confront unspeakable evil and outrun those who would betray her.

This stylish and daring high-stakes thriller quickly strips its heroine of a future that should have been and propels her into a life skewed out of all recognition. An anti-heroine we root for, she is flawed, vulnerable, and uncomfortably familiar. From its show-stopping opening scene, Keevil’s novel is full of momentum and unforgettable characters. Underpinning the story is a poignant exposure of the alienating, disorientating effect of grief, and the way it compromises morality in an almost heady way.

Moving, profound and ultimately joyful, it turns on an exceptionally clever twist and is as revealing in its psychological acuity as it is in its portrait of organised crime.

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