14 Brilliant New Books... by The Glossary

‘In this high-stakes thriller about organ trafficking, a young woman’s life is changed in the blink of an eye after a stabbing on a London bus leaves her widowed. Isolated and robbed of her future, she books an impulsive trip to Prague, where she and her late husband got engaged.

Wandering the city’s cobbled streets, she is approached with a proposition – pick something up, transport it back to the UK and save a life. Just once. But that once will change her life beyond recognition. Keevil is the director of Cardiff University’s Creative Writing MA, so expect a brilliant read as he shows he can practise what he preaches.’

Tyler Keevil’s new literary thriller, Your Still Beating Heart, is listed alongside new releases from Nick Hornby, Rose Tremain and Elena Ferrante as Must-Reads this month by The Glossary.

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