Your Still Beating Heart on BBC Radio Wales with Gary Raymond

‘This really grabbed me right from the start. I just couldn’t put it down. It’s unashamedly a pacy thriller. It’s hard-hitting with a really strong political undercurrent… in places I wanted to look away but I couldn’t. It’s very, very strong.’  Emma Schofield
‘I really enjoyed it… it really drew me in and it drew me in quickly too. It does ‘menace’ well. It has some strong parallels with the film Don’t Look Now… What I really liked was the personal questions it poses about  the moral importance of opting for bravery over cowardice and the very pertinent political overtones… It’s a book that stayed with me and a book that made me ask serious questions of myself. ’  Craig Austin, ‘The Review Show’, BBC Radio Wales
‘Very immediate snappy prose…it reminded me of writers like Gillian Flynn who get straight to the heart of the matter.’  Gary Raymond, ‘The Review Show’, BBC Radio Wales
BBC Radio Wales reviews what’s going on in the Welsh arts scene, including a look at Your Still Beating Heart by Tyler Keevil. Listen again now. Starts 16.15 mins in.