Easier Ways to Say I Love You

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'An important voice, beautifully written.'—Evie Wyld

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A memoir on love, lust and attachment: one woman’s remarkable and candid account of transforming a difficult and uncomfortable love triangle into an honest polyamorous relationship.

Lucy Fry’s story opens with the heady and impassioned affair she embarked on during her wife’s pregnancy. It is a relationship that appears to be unstoppable, perhaps even addictive, despite guilt and self questioning.

With intense and unflinching honesty, she takes us on a compelling journey from childhood trauma and addiction to sobriety, from infidelity to ethical non-monogamy, and—perhaps most intensely of all—from her fear of parenthood to her exquisite joy at having a son. 

L and B’s love for their new baby, ‘The Boy’, changes the dynamic once again. They fumble through early parenthood, in a way that many will recognise, while at the same time trying to fathom and fashion a unique journey of their own.

Liz Robinson, LoveReading Pick of the Month

29 January 2020

A scaldingly intimate, powerful, and actually rather beautiful autobiography where the author reflects on her relationships and love. Lucy Fry is a journalist and currently training to be a psychotherapist, here she tells her story which includes her mental health, polyamorous relationship, and parenthood. It is pointed out that the truth is always someone’s story, but this just feels so incredibly heartfelt and rawly honest. It is as though she has reached inside herself, split open and poured out her innermost feelings and thoughts; and yet the way she writes ensured that I didn’t ever, ever feel as though I was intruding. She examines the hidden, concealed, and mysterious side of love, and as I read, I thought… of course, I see, yes! Easier Ways to Say I Love You is unflinching and intense, yet incredibly thoughtful and warm, it touched my heart, and opened my mind, in fact, I rather fell in love with this book.

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Reading_For_My_Mind, Bookstagrammer

26 January 2020

Book Review: Easier Ways To Say I Love You. Lucy Fry.
This is a memoir like nothing else I've ever read. There is so much passion and honesty involved. It's almost as though I delved into someone's manic thought process all being thrown down onto paper, without stopping for breath. But in the best possible way.
This book is so much more than Lucy's polyamorous relationships. This is a raw and open account of all different types of love. Love for her wife, her son, her lover, her parents, herself. I've never read anything like it. And it took me a while to get into the style of writing and the directions it was taking. .
If you enjoy strong female visions, memoirs that openly discuss sex (a lot of) and passion, then this book is for you.
Thank you to @myriad_editions for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review .

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