The Atlas of Food

Who eats what, where and why?
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Winner   —André Simon Memorial Fund Book Award2003

Winner   —Gourmand World Cookbook Awards – Best Culinary History Book2008

This award-winning atlas maps every link of the food chain, from farming, production and retail to the food on our plates. It also investigates how, in an era of new technologies, globalized food trade and even plentiful supply, millions remain hungry.

Topics include: prices and shortages • malnutrition • dietary changes and increasing obesity • climate change impacts • industrial farming • live animal trade • GM crops • fertilizers and pesticides • organic farming • land rights • trade justice • fast food and additives

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Co-authored by Erik Millstone and Tim Lang

New Agriculturalist

Fascinating and comprehensive, it demonstrates clearly and colourfully how the world food system works. It deserves to have broad appeal both within the development community and the wider public.

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Financial Times

Impressive and far-ranging... the authors intelligently use maps, colour diagrams and simple statistics to capture how the world feeds itself or, in so many instances, sadly fails to do so, to the detriment of so many. An extremely useful and comprehensive, if disturbing, read.

Times Higher Education

A unique and easily accessible insight into the way our world food system works. With compelling graphics, it should be necessary reading for many under- and post-graduates, as well as for the interested general public. This splendid presentation of deeply worrying data and trends should be a wake-up call. This book shows that it is time to take individual and collective responsibility for eating - this commonly-perceived most routine of acts.

The Food Programme, BBC Radio 4

A remarkable book that reveals with devastating clarity the bizarre way the world feeds itself. The quest to find out just what's happening to our food is no longer a journey without maps.

Food Magazine

A rich and stimulating cornucopia of selected, enticing snippets of information... beautifully designed graphics, page upon page of them... an excellent starter for course work and student projects. It raises the questions, starts off the answers, and makes the reader want to know more.


[The maps] provide an extraordinarily clear basis for understanding the underlying issues... this is a vital study. It clearly shows how threatened the security of the food supply chain has become in a globally interconnected world.

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