Make It Then Tell Everybody with Hannah Eaton

“The only tool I have a fetish about is Edwardian style dippy-pen. When my Dad died, I found this old OXO cube tin, thinking it was going to be something really weird because one time I was looking through his stuff and I found my umbilical cord in a matchbox. Dried, obviously. Anyway, I found this little tin of nibs. He had a brief stint in the 60’s as a draftsman for hand-drawn adverts, and had a tin of these metal nibs. The funny thing is, they’re not very good quality. There were about 100 rusty, spiky little nibs and they’re amazing to draw with. The ink just sits in them really well and they have the most amazing line. I have about 10 left.” – Hannah Eaton

Dan Berry talks to Hannah Eaton, author of Naming Monsters and Blackwood about drawing tools, dreams, comedy careers and instilling terror through the mundane for his acclaimed podcast, Make It Then Tell Everybody. Listen again now and make sure to subscribe.