Charlotte Amelia Poe book launch

We are so thrilled to be publishing  How To Be Autistic by Charlotte Amelia Poe. At their book launch, Charlotte gave a powerful speech which we’d like to share with you here.
‘Writing allows a level of bravery that you don’t find in the spoken word. There’s a freedom to it. You don’t really believe anybody’s going to read it, do you?’
‘When I wrote the book, I thought, if I can change just one person’s life with this, it’ll be worth it. And yes, it’s been worth it.’
‘My world, once a small room with a laptop and a bundle of jumbled-up ideas in my head, has become infinitely bigger. So, my – not last, because I believe I will continue to evolve just as How To Be Autistic evolves, but at this point – my final experience of How To Be Autistic is of solidarity.’
How To Be Autistic is just one small book, but for me, it feels like a beginning.’