The Opportunity is published and gathers praise

Will Volley’s debut graphic novel, The Opportunity, is just published and is already delighting readers and critics.

A modern-day Death of a Salesman, this ‘masterly’ (David Lloyd) work of graphic noir casts a spotlight on the unforgiving world of door-to-door selling, following salesman Colin as he is drawn into a world of delusion, vulnerability, failure, and, finally, human tragedy. Will Volley is a comics artist and illustrator who has previously drawn the award-winning graphic novel adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet for Classical Comics.

The Opportunity has been described by Jake Arnott as ‘a powerful drama that reminds me of Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross‘ and a new review comes from Page 45, where Jonathan Rigby calls it ‘one of those gleefully painful reads… [with] tremendously accomplished illustration.’

Will is interviewed by Teddy Jamieson for the Herald , describing his enduring love for drawing and comics (‘a visual poetry’) and talking about his own experience of door-to-door sales. Plus his ‘Director’s Commentary’ on The Opportunity is published on Forbidden Planet International, delving deep into the ideas behind the novel (‘the story is about the pitfalls of ambition’) and what it was like to create (‘drawing a graphic novel is a perfect vehicle for self-expression’).