Lisa Blower at Birmingham Literature Festival


Lisa Blower will be talking at Birmingham Literature Festival 2019. The festival runs from 3rd – 13th October in various locations around the city.

Lisa is author of It’s Gone Dark Over Bill’s Mothers, a fabulous collection of award-winning short stories dominated by the working-class matriarch. From the wise, witty and outspoken Nan of ‘Broken Crockery’, who has lived and worked in Stoke-on-Trent for all of her 92 years, to happy hooker Ruthie in ‘The Land of Make Believe’, to sleep-deprived Laura in ‘The Trees in the Wood’, to young mum Roxanne in ‘The Cherry Tree’, she appears in many shapes and forms, and always with a stoicism that is hard to break down.

More information on Lisa’s event at Birmingham Literature Festival coming soon.