Graphic Medicine: an introduction with Ian Williams


Join Ian Williams (The Bad Doctor, Guardian cartoonist, co-editor of The Graphic Medicine Manifesto), MK Czerwiec (AKA Comic Nurse, co-editor of The Graphic Medicine Manifesto), Rachael Ball (The Inflatable Woman), Nicola Streeten (Billy, You & Me), Henny Beaumont (Hole in the Heart), and Nye Wright (Things to Do in A Retirement Home Trailer Park), for an introduction to Graphic Medicine, short presentations on individual work, and a panel discussion, at London’s Cartoon Museum in Bloomsbury.

Graphic Medicine aims to explore the interface between the medium of comics and the discipline of medicine. The event is part of a series to accompany The Great British Graphic Novel – an exhibition at the Museum that looks at the origins of the form and explores it within many genres, including a section on ‘Mind, Body and Spirit’: works of art that are part of a growing movement that considers graphic fiction to be a useful resource for healthcare professionals, patients and carers. Nine Myriad authors are exhibited in this wonderful display of comics.

More information about the exhibition, and booking for the event, here.