The Atlas of Human Rights

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In the post-9/11 era, governments are using the threat of terrorism to justify tightening national security and restricting basic human rights. As intolerance threatens diversity on a global scale, The Atlas of Human Rights serves as an essential reference and crucial intervention for preserving and extending freedom.

Foreword by CLIVE STAFFORD SMITH, OBE, Director of Reprieve

This timely atlas compares the level of human rights abuse in countries around the world, and reveals the consequences of these violations. Inspired by the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Andrew Fagan considers fundamental issues including:

• state, identity and citizenship • judicial violations and legal restrictions • freedom of expression and censorship • conflict and migration • women’s rights • children’s rights

Vividly illustrated with full-colour maps and graphics, and complete with data tables and profiles of over 150 countries, the atlas charts enshrined rights as well as documented cases of abuse. It explores both the progress and limitation of free expression and media censorship; the geographic status of sexual freedom, racism, religious freedom, and the rights of the disabled; and incidences of genocide, torture, sex slavery and police brutality. It also depicts areas ravaged by armed conflict, repression and discrimination and shows how entire communities are mired in poverty and social exclusion. Look inside the book here.


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