The Atlas of Global Inequalities

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An indispensable resource for understanding global inequalities, and an inspiration for social and political action, this atlas uses innovative visualization techniques to give shape and meaning to statistics that demonstrate the inequality and discrimination millions of people experience in their lives.  

The divide between rich and poor underlies the many challenges facing the world today. The atlas broadens the debate on the issue, looking beyond income to consider inequality in all its multi-faceted dimensions. Organized in thematic parts, the atlas maps key aspects of global inequality – not only the distribution of income and wealth, but inequalities in social and political rights, in access to vital services, and in the benefits to be gained from a clean environment.

Through full-color maps and graphics, the atlas unravels the complexity of inequality by displaying not only differences between countries but also illustrating inequalities within countries. The discrimination suffered by children with a disability, the impact on the daily lives and long-term health of those who rely on inefficient and dangerous household fuels, and the reasons for a family’s descent into, and re-emergence from, poverty, are among the inequalities graphically depicted.

Co-authored with Ben Crow

Diarmuid O'Donovan

It's honestly one of the best, clearest, most accessible books on these sorts of issues. It integrates and critically synthesises so much from so many sources and disciplines, and looks great. I will be ordering several copies for the library.

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