The Atlas of Climate Change

Mapping the World's Greatest Challenge
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Winner   —Planeta Environment Book of the Year2006

This highly acclaimed atlas distils the vast science of climate change, providing a reliable and insightful guide to this rapidly growing field. Rigorous in its science and insightful in its message, it examines the latest developments in research and in the impacts climate change is having around the globe. It focuses on the growing efforts to adapt to changes in the world’s weather, and stresses the advantages to be gained by individuals, communities, and business from reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

With Forewords by the late Wangari Maathai and Philippe Cousteau

The atlas covers a wide range of climatechange topics, including: warning signs • causes of change • ocean acidification • food, water, and health impacts • economic and social impacts • low carbon development • monitoring carbon emissions • renewable energy • agreements reached in Copenhagen and Cancún.

With more than 200 full-colour maps, graphics and illustrations, The Atlas of Climate Change is an essential resource for policy makers, environmentalists, students, and everyone concerned about this pressing subject. Look inside the book here.

Co-authored with Thomas E Downing

Nicholas Crane

The Atlas of Climate Change is absolutely essential. It's clear, concise and superbly illustrated. There should be a copy on every bookshelf.

The Guardian

Seeing that climate change is probably the biggest single problem facing our world today, it's natural that you might want to find out more. You could wade through dense, dry academic detail from the IPCC. Or you could root out the newly published Atlas Of Climate Change [which] condenses key findings from the scientists and is packed with facts, graphs and maps explaining how climate change is affecting the planet.

R K Pachauri

This is a remarkable piece of work and extremely readable. What is most heartening about this book is not only the wealth of information it conveys but the powerful illustrations and graphics.

John Ashton

This pioneering atlas will become an essential point of reference for anyone looking for a quick and accurate overview of this multidisciplinary subject.

Antony Turner

If you want to understand the evidence, causes and consequences of climate change, as well as what we can do to deal with it, get your copy today.

Kirkus Review

Concise in expression, with handsome cartography and a text that sticks to the facts, it elucidates the key issues surrounding global climate change.

The Bookseller (Top Title)

First-rate - the atlas format is a great way to present complex information. The book is a unique approach to the subject.

The Social Science Journal

Simply fascinating...the atlas rings with intuitive clarity. The maps and graphics are compelling and salient, answering through demonstration many of the most important geographic questions that come with climate change politics...Finally, the book is portable and readily accessible in price and girth. Of course, these attributes make it a natural for course adoption.

Natural Resources Forum

Timely and useful [it] complements popularization works such as the book and the film by Al Gore...and provides a wealth of information that makes it a useful reference for practitioners, as well as classroom material.

Morning Star

This vast mine of information takes a wider than usual view of the implications of climate change - economic growth, human security, a wide range of species facing extinction as well as rising sea-levels, floods and droughts. [It] is a valuable resource to help understand the core issues and puts into perspective the desperate unfairness of the global picture.

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