Elaine Chiew and Carol Isaacs in conversation with Emily Rhodes


Join us as we head to The Owl Bookshop for a conversation about diaspora, homesickness, the divided self and trying to live within a culture which is not your own. Myriad authors Carol Isaacs and Elaine Chiew will be in conversation with Emily Rhodes from 18.30 – 20.30 on 22nd January 2020.

Carol Isaac‘s graphic memoir The Wolf of Baghdad is a moving story about her family’s lost Jewish homeland in Baghdad. Illuminated by family portraits and testimonies, it is also the personal story of Carol’s homesickness for a home she has never visited. Carol is a musician touring with bands such as The Indigo Girls, and under the name ‘The Surreal McCoy,’ a well-known cartoonist published in the New Yorker, Spectator and Sunday Times.

Elaine Chiew’s debut short story collection, The Heartsick Diaspora is set in different cities around the world and explores the lives of the Chinese diaspora living there, torn between cultures and juggling divided selves. Acutely observed, wry and playful, these stories are as worldly and emotionally resonant as the characters themselves. “Full of verve and wit,” says Monica Ali.

Both The Heartsick Diaspora and The Wolf of Baghdad will be available to purchase and have signed at the event. Tickets are £5, buy now via the bookshop website.