Jonathan Kemp and The Momus Questionnaire

Created by musician Nick Currie, The Momus Questionnaire is designed to identify the aspects of a personality which give the subject a positive self-image, or ‘subcultural capital’.

Here, Jonathan Kemp talks writing, life, and the rebellion that made him in The Momus Questionnaire.

Jonathan Kemp Interview in Polari

“I could be a lesbian and I don’t know it” was Jonathan Kemp’s mum’s reaction when he first told her he was gay. Read Jonathan’s sensitive and frank autobiographical story about coming out, written for online LGBT magazine Polari.

Jonathan Kemp interviews Neil Bartlett

Read Jonathan’s interview with playwright and author Neil Bartlett for the Winter 2012 issue of Beige Magazine. They discuss the ‘queer aesthetic’, Bartlett’s love of Oscar Wilde and his latest and forthcoming work.