The Wolf of Baghdad with Carol Isaacs and 3Yin at JW3


JW3 are throwing a launch party for The Wolf of Baghdad DVD, which tells the story of a family remembering their lost Iraqi homeland and of a city haunted by its missing Jews. Told through stunning visuals and evocative music from 3yin, an ensemble playing the repertoire of Iraq and its ancient Jewish community, let by Carol Isaacs, author and artist of this beautiful memoir.

Transported by the power of music to her ancestral home in the old Jewish quarter of Baghdad, Carol encounters its ghost-like inhabitants who are revealed as long-gone family members. As she explores the city, journeying through their memories and her imagination, she at first sees successful integration, and cultural and social cohesion. Then the mood turns darker with the fading of this ancient community’s fortunes.

The evening will end with a concert from the 3yin band and guests led by Daniel Jonas, performing the music of the Jewish communities of the Middle East & North Africa. Copies of The Wolf of Baghdad graphic memoir and DVD will be available to buy at the event.

Tickets are £7 – 15 and can be bought online. For more information, head to the JW3 website.