The Big Push to End Patriarchy: Helena Kennedy QC and Melissa Benn in conversation with Cynthia Enloe


Barrister, broadcaster, and Labour member of the House of Lords Helena Kennedy QC and writer and campaigner Melissa Benn in conversation with leading feminist analyst Cynthia Enloe about her new book, The Big Push: Exposing and Challenging the Persistence of Patriarchy.

Why — despite decades of feminist campaigning that have resulted in real advances — is patriarchy proving to be such a sustainable cultural, institutional and economic system? From the institutional acceptance of sexual harassment within major news organizations to the exclusion of Syrian women from international peace negotiations, this book is a fierce and incisive exploration of patriarchal culture and how we are unwittingly sustaining patriarchy — for example, by falling into the celebrity trap, imagining that tourism is without consequence or casually using ungendered concepts (e.g. ‘child marriages’) to make sense of the world.

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