Telling the Story of Parkinson's Disease: Can Comics Help?

Nicola Streeten

Telling patient stories in comics is a growing discipline, and here in Brighton are the comics creators / academic researchers who are both using their art for this purpose and studying its effectiveness.

Cartoonists Nicola Streeten, co-director of Laydeez Do Comics and author of Billy, Me & YouIan Williams, co-founder of graphic and author of The Bad Doctor, and Muna Al-Jawad, consultant in geriatric medicine, are joined by Parkinson’s researcher Jane Peek, consultant psychiatrist Mandy Assin, and Myriad Creative Director Corinne Pearlman, in a panel discussion with presentations and visuals, hosted by Bobbie Farsides, Professor in Clinical & Biomedical Ethics at the University of Sussex.

A Brighton Fringe event. Free, but ticketed.