'Refugee Stories' - Olivier Kugler at Cheltenham Literary Festival


Refugees are often described as a collective, with the voices of individuals lost. Myriad author Olivier Kugler, author of Escaping War and Waves, joins Sulaiman Addonia, author of Silence Is My Mother Tongue, to share tales from the frontline and discuss the role of writing and reportage in illuminating personal stories with Lliana Bird.

Escaping War and Waves, first published in German in 2017 as Dem Krieg Entronnen by Edition Moderne, will be published by Myriad in June 2018.  Escaping War and Waves is a collection of reportage drawings documenting the circumstances of Syrian refugees Kugler met on assignments in Iraqi Kurdistan, Greece and France for Médecins Sans Frontières, as well as drawings of Syrians he met in England, Germany and Switzerland. His drawings are peppered by speech from the conversations around him as well as those he is interviewing.

This event is part of Cheltenham Literature Festival, which runs from the 5th – 14th October. Tickets are £8 and can be bought here. We’ve also created a Facebook page for this event, which you can find here.