Portsmouth Comic Con with Nicola Streeten

Nicola Streeten

Dr Nicola Streeten will be running a workshop at Portsmouth Comic Con, Saturday 2 May 2020. The workshop will run for two hours and is open to everyone. Nicola will also be running a Laydeez Do Comics special with graphic novelist Steven Appleby.

Nicola Streeten is author of Billy, Me & You, and co-editor with Cath Tate of The Inking Woman. Nicola is co-founder of Laydeez do Comics, a graphic novel forum with a focus on the new wave of comic work based on the drama of everyday life, which has been called ‘a combination between a book club and a series of TED talks’ (Julie Davis, A Woman’s Art Magazine, 2013).

Tickets are now available on the Portsmouth Comic Con website or on 08448472362.

More information coming soon.