Myriad authors at Place-Based Arts Symposium, University of Brighton

Nye Wright

The University of Brighton is hosting a one-day event on the theme of Place-Based Arts, exploring the ways in which location influences and inspires writers and artists alike. With a range of speakers and panel events throughout the day, Myriad will host a roundtable discussion on the importance of a sense of place in contemporary and historical fiction and graphic novels. Five acclaimed writers and artists join Myriad’s Publisher and MD, Candida Lacey, and Senior Fiction Editor, Vicky Blunden, to explore the possibilities of writing Brighton and beyond. The authors taking part are:

Robert Dickinson, author of The Noise of Strangers and The Schism, both set in Brighton.

Lizzie Enfield, whose latest novel, Living With It, takes place in Brighton.

Sally O’Reilly, who published two contemporary novels set in Brighton (The Best Possible Taste and You Spin Me Round) before exploring Elizabethan London in her latest novel, Dark Aemilia.

Ed Siegle, whose debut novel, Invisibles, is set in Brighton and Brazil.

Aneurin (Nye) Wright, the title of whose graphic memoir leads us to its setting: Things to Do in a Retirement Home Trailer Park.

To register for the symposium, click here. For more information about the event, click here.