Performing and Picturing Patienthood: Exploring Graphic Illness Narratives


Graphic novelists Paula Knight, Simon Grennan and Ian Williams will be presenting their work at London College of Communication at their upcoming event weekend – Performing and Picturing Patienthood. Myriad creative director Corinne will be contributing to an artist and publisher round-table discussion.

How does producing graphic autobiography help artists to express and process experiences of illness? How is the tension between fictionalisation and disclosure navigated in this process? To what extent do such narratives reinforce stereotypical models of living with, or treating, illness?

This event has been convened by John Miers to mark the end of his Researcher in the Archives residency in University of the Arts London’s Archives and Special Collections Centre at London College of Communication.

The event will involve talks, discussions and workshops over two days. Attendees will be able to view work by all participating artists, and a selection of the archival material used by John in his residency project.

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