Nicola Streeten holds the torch in Oxford


Nicola Streeten will provide the opening address at the Oxford symposium ‘Documenting Trauma: Comics and the Politics of Memory’ hosted by the The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH) Network ‘Comics and Graphic Novels: The Politics of Form’ at the University of Oxford. Streeten’s ground-breaking graphic memoir Billy Me & You  has been a major influence in encouraging artists to record and come to terms with their own experience of trauma in graphic novel form. The symposium, which concludes with a keynote from Professor Hillary Chute, will seek to address the following questions: why have so many comics and other graphic narratives, the production and publication of which has exploded in recent years, been framed as memoirs or non-fictional documentaries of traumatic events? Is there a relationship between the comics form and the remembrance and recovery of trauma? Free, but registration essential.