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New Daughters of Africa at Cariffesta XIV


On the 21st August, community festival Cariffesta will feature a showcase of readings by authors from the landmark new anthology New Daughters of Africa. Featuring Elizabeth Walcott-Hackshaw, Barbara Jenkins, Lisa Allen-Agostini, and Attillah Springer, plus a special guest reading by Eintou Springer.

‘This remarkable book constitutes a powerful affirmation of literary achievement, demonstrating that contemporary black women writers are part of a vital and extensive tradition. Just as significantly, the anthology brings these works into dialogue with one another, becoming a potent assertion of a collective identity that transcends political, religious, linguistic, regional and generational boundaries…’ Times Literary Supplement

Cariffesta runs from the 16th – 24th August. The festival is part of Bocas Literary Festival: a lively celebration of books, writers, writing and ideas, with a Carribean focus.

To buy a copy of New Daughters of Africa and read the full list of contributors, click HERE.

For more information on this particular event, head to the festival website.