Myriad panel on Comics and Conflict at Thought Bubble


Myriad authors Una, Cath Tate and Simon Grennan, together with Benjamin Dickson, author of A New Jerusalem,  published in September by New Internationalist, will be joining forces to discuss Comics and Conflict at this year’s Thought Bubble Convention, at the Studio Theatre in Millennium Square.

Una will bring her own experience to bear as the celebrated author of Becoming Unbecoming, which chronicles her own story of abuse, set against the backdrop of the search for a serial killer; Cath Tate, co-author of The Inking Woman, will consider ways in women cartoonists have drawn conflict; and  Simon Grennan, co-author of Marie Duval, and contributor to The Inking Woman, will look at how this cartoonist of social pastimes of the working classes dealt with the wars of the Victiorian era. Ben Dickson, author of A New Jerusalem, will talk about his moving story of a soldier suffering post-traumatic stress syndrome when he returns to his family after World War 2. The event will be chaired by Nye Wright, author of Things to Do in a Retirement Home Trailer Park.

Thought Bubble will last two days, running on 22nd and 23rd of September with over 400 exhibitor tables spread across four exhibition spaces. Myriad will be showcasing our latest titles at table 177 in the ComiXology marquee throughout the weekend. A full listing of each event will be released soon, and tickets can be bought now via the Thought Bubble website (see link above).