Lunchtime Lecture by Roger Sabin at The British Museum


A lunchtime lecture by Roger Sabin, author of Comics, Comix & Graphic Novels: A History of Comic Art at The British Museum.

Roger Sabin is Professor of Popular Culture at the University of the Arts London, and co-author (with Dr Simon Grennan and Dr Julian Waite) of Marie Duval.

Marie Duval (1847-90) was the first prominent female humour cartoonist – and a true pioneer. A funny woman in a man’s world, she drew the ordinary Londoners she saw around her and developed the comedy hero ‘Ally Sloper’. Her style was fresh, slapstick, and dynamic – all gurning faces and elastic bodies; in other words, a million miles from the Punch tradition. In this lecture, historian Roger Sabin will trace the career of this forgotten maverick and ask how far she counts as a ‘feminist’.

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