Lisa Blower Book Launch for It's Gone Dark Over Bill's Mother's


Join Lisa Blower at the launch of her amazing short story collection, It’s Gone Dark Over Bill’s Mother’s at Shrewsbury Library.

This fabulous collection of award-winning short stories is dominated by the working-class matriarch. From the wise, witty and outspoken Nan of ‘Broken Crockery’, who has lived and worked in Stoke-on-Trent for all of her 92 years, to happy hooker Ruthie in ‘The Land of Make Believe’, to sleep-deprived Laura in ‘The Trees in the Wood’, to young mum Roxanne in ‘The Cherry Tree’, she appears in many shapes and forms, and always with a stoicism that is hard to break down.

Lisa Blower celebrates her characters with stories they wouldn’t want told. She makes the bleak funny, and brings to life the silent histories and harsh realities of those living on the margins.

‘It knew exactly how to play with and exploit the potential of its naive narrative voice—what to say but, far more importantly, what not to say—quite apart from its wit, and the undercurrent of sadness it explored without ever being sentimental. ‘William Boyd on Broken Crockery.

Lisa will be reading from It’s Gone Dark Over Bill’s Mother’s, signing copies and sharing insights into the world of writing. To find out more and see if you need to save your spot, get in touch with the library here.