Jade Sarson at the Royal Festival Hall


Jade Sarson will be giving a talk at the Belief and Beyond Belief Festival at the South Bank in London on a panel with novelists, academics and representatives of reglious faiths. Panelists will be giving short ‘Bites’ on The Search for the Meaning of Life: whether that be through creating artistic work, or through entering a particular religion. How have those things challenged and affirmed their sense of what it means to be human? What would life mean without those things now? What does it mean with them? In Jade’s case, as the author of For the Love of God, Marie!, which won the Myriad First Graphic Novel Competition 2014, it is the Catholic religion which comes under consideration. Her heroine, Marie, struggles to come to terms with the fact that loving everybody, as her religion taught her to do, has some unfortunate consequences. Bites will be held in the Weston Room, Level 6 Green Side, Royal Festival Hall.

For a day pass to The Search for the Meaning of Life, contact the South Bank Centre.