Inking Woman exhibition at Cartoon Museum


Myriad’s women graphic novelists are out in force at the Cartoon Museum this spring with a new show of art by British women cartoonists. Works by Henny Beaumont, Hannah Eaton, Kate Evans, Paula Knight,  Nicola Streeten and Una feature in the exhibition, which will showcase cartoon and comics work by artists of the 19th and 20th centuries to the present day. Joining them are artists with forthcoming books to be published by Myriad: Kate Charlesworth, Ottolie Hainsworth, Sarah Lightman, and also, posthumously, Marie Duval, a Victorian graphic journalist whose work will be the subject of a new book by her loyal fan-base of comics scholars: Roger Sabin, Simon Grennan, and Julian Waite. Jade Sarson’s beautiful final pages from For the Love of God, Marie! featured prominently at the Cartoon Museum’s show celebrating the British graphic novel last year.