Historical Fiction Night at Wrexham Carnival of Words: My Era is Better than Yours

Dark Aemilia PB

Sally O’Reilly, author of award-winning novel Dark Aemilia, joins a panel of authors tasked to convince the audience to choose their era on your timer travels.

Arguing the case for the Tudor period, Sally O’Reilly is joined historical novelists Deborah Swift (Restoration), Emma Darwin (Napoleonic and Regency) and William Ryan (Wartime Russia and Germany). 

After a quick straw poll on the audience’s opening preference between the respective periods, each author has up to seven minutes to argue the case for why their particular era is the best. Questions from the audience are welcomed before a second vote to see whether the authors have been persuasive enough to change minds!

Ben Kane provides further entertainment with the story that took him from Kenya to veterinary practice, along the Silk Road and a later trip around the world, to become a best-selling author of Roman military historical fiction.

Tickets £8.00 from Wrexham Library (01978 292090) or Waterstones (01978 357444).