Hannah Eaton at Laydeez Do Comics

Hannah Eaton portrait

Roll up for your first glimpse of Blackwood. Hannah Eaton, author of the graphic novel Naming Monsters, will be presenting work-in-progress from her second graphic novel, Blackwood, to be published by Myriad in 2018.

A pair of murders has occurred some years apart in the ancient woodland beside Blackwood, a small town in middle England. Both evidence and local lore suggest overtones of ritual or of the occult. You won’t be able to read on until the words are in place, and the pages are done, but if this tantalising glimpse isn’t enough for you, and you don’t yet know Naming Monsters, now is the time to start getting acquainted with this wonderful author. Shortlisted for the Myriad First Graphic Novel Competition, Naming Monsters has been praised by Kirkus Reviews in the US: ‘Cutting through the darkness and dysfunction are humour and hope… an open heart anchors the work.’

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