Hannah Eaton, Paula Knight and Nye Wright Story the Self in Brighton


Three Myriad graphic novelists will be addressing a one-day symposium on Storying the Self at the University of Brighton: Hannah Eaton, author of Naming Monsters and the forthcoming BlackwoodPaula Knight, whose graphic memoir The Facts of Life is published by Myriad on 16 March 2017, and Nye Wright, author of Things To Do in a Retirement Home Trailer Park, which Myriad published in 2012. The panel will discuss the self and its representation in the graphic novel form.

The one-day event seeks to explore how the self is represented, reimagined and reconfigured in a range of practices across the arts, humanities and social sciences. Organised by C21: Research in 20th Century Writings,  the group will bring together academics, writers and artists as researchers of their own and/or others’ practices in ideas related to narratives of the self.

For more information, click here. All enquiries should be addressed to  [email protected]