Drawing Attention with Cath Tate at The World Transformed


Do you want to draw attention to a campaign? Are you keen to present your political passion on a postcard? Join the legendary Cath Tate, founder of Cath Tate Cards, who will introduce you to her work in the early 1980s producing feminist political cartoons and postcards. Cath will also share her recent discovery that she was – unknowingly – adopting the practice of the suffragettes who ran postcard competitions to publicise their message to a wider public. The workshop will include some fun practical drawing and design exercises… no experience or prior knowledge of cartoons or drawing is required to participate. Part of the art programme at The World Transformed, the festival running alongside this year’s Labour Party conference.

Cath Tate is the co-author, together with Nicola Streeten, of the much-acclaimed The Inking Woman, 250 years of women cartoon and comic artists in Britain (Myriad, 2018).