Darryl Cunningham keynote at Literature, Science and Arts Society, GA

Darryl Cunningham

Darryl Cunningham, author of Science Tales and Supercrash, will be a keynote speaker at the Society for Literature, Science and the Arts 2016 conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Publishers’ Weekly described Supercrash as ‘a superb example of how powerful graphic nonfiction can be in taking complex events and making them frighteningly clear’, while the Observer described Science Tales as taking a view ‘on such knotty issues as homeopathy and the MMR vaccine, sorting facts from fiction and presenting complex information in a highly accessible way.’

Darryl will be addressing the interface of art and science, and presenting work in progress from his forthcoming book for Myriad, Graphic Science (2018) in which overlooked, sidelined, excluded, or discredited figures in scientific discovery come and take their bow in an alternative Nobel prize gallery. For more information, visit the SLSA conference website.