Darryl Cunningham at Edinburgh International Book Festival


Join Darryl Cunningham, author of Science Tales, Supercrash and Graphic Science, as he discusses overlooked pioneers of science with Ursula Martin as part of the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Through Cunningham’s graphic novel work, seven such innovators (including Fred Hoyle and Mary Anning) have their successes and struggles told while we discover why their contributions were not more lauded. He will draw from his recent book, Graphic Science (Myriad, 2017), which is a series of graphic essays on overlooked, sidelined, excluded, or discredited men and women who have been or are key figures in scientific discovery.

Ursula Martin will look at Ada Lovelace, pioneer and daughter of Lord Byron, who has been dubbed the world’s first computer programmer. The discussion will be chaired by Gill Arbuthnott.

£8.00/ £6.00 concs.  

Tickets go on sale at 8:30am on Tuesday 26 June. For more information and tickets, book here.