Comics, Love and Loss Workshop with Nicola Streeten

Nicola Streeten

Inspired by the current exhibition at Weston Park Museum, Loved&Lost, Nicola Streeten will be sharing insights into how the graphic novel form is being used to convey stories and experiences of loss and love. The workshop will run from 11.30 am – 3.30 pm on the 14th March and includes practical and fun drawing exercises.

Nicola Streeten is an anthropologist-turned-illustrator and comics scholar. She is the author of Billy, Me & You, and co-editor with Cath Tate of The Inking Woman, published by Myriad in March 2018. Nicola is co-founder (with artist Sarah Lightman) of Laydeez do Comics, a graphic novel forum with a focus on the new wave of comic work based on the drama of everyday life, which has been called ‘a combination between a book club and a series of TED talks’ (Julie Davis, A Woman’s Art Magazine, 2013).

The workshops are inclusive and everyone can attend, no experience necessary and all materials will be provided. Advance booking essential.

You can find more information (and book your spot) via the Museum website.