Comic Books and Laughter at UCL with Nicola Streeten and Roger Sabin

Nicola Streeten

Author of Billy, Me and You (Myriad, 2011) and co-editor of The Inking Woman (Myriad, 2018) Nicola Streeten will be joining Roger Sabin, co-author of Marie Duval (Myriad, 2018) and Nina Mickitcz at UCL to discuss comic books and laughter.

The panel offers three short position papers on the relationship between comedy and the comics form from three different perspectives. Roger Sabin will begin by offering a brief history of the relationship between early British comics and the wider comedy environment at the turn of the twentieth century, exploring the overlaps between the comic and the music hall and tracing the cultural landscape that shaped the very definition of the word ‘comic’.

Nicola Streeten will then reflect on the critically overlooked uses of humorous comics by feminist activists throughout the twentieth century, from the suffrage movement to the present day, exploring the role that laughter has played in supporting and disseminating the messages of feminism.

Finally, Nina Mickwitz will help us get to grips with the way in which comics and cartoons create humour through their visual and multi-modal properties. She will outline some of the different critical approaches that might be used to make sense of the formal components of comics, focusing on the comics strip Nancy, originally drawn by Ernie Bushmiller (1905-82) and more recently revived under the pseudonym Olivia Jaimes, to consider the multimodal delivery of humour, rhythm and visual gags.

This event is free and you can book your seat over on the UCL website here.