Cardiff Creating Comics, Creative Comics featuring Sarah Lightman


Sarah Lightman will be keynote speaker at an academic comics symposium at Cardiff University. This two-day single-panel event aims to explore practitioner and creator perspectives in comics creation and production.

Sarah is a London-based artist, curator and writer.  Her artwork has been exhibited in museums and galleries internationally.

Sarah co-curated Graphic Details: Confessional Comics by Jewish Women, an internationally touring exhibition of 18 comic artists, that opened at  9 museums over 6 years. She edited Graphic Details: Jewish Women’s Confessional Comics in Essays and Interviews (McFarland 2014), that was awarded The Susan Koppelman Prize for Best Feminist Anthology (2015) and The Will Eisner Award for Best Scholarly Publication (2015), an Association of Jewish Studies/Jordan Schnitzer Book Award for Jews and The Arts (2016).

Sarah Lightman has been drawing her life since she was a 22-year-old undergraduate at The Slade School of Art. The Book of Sarah traces her journey from modern Jewish orthodoxy to a feminist Judaism, as she searches between the complex layers of family and family history that she inherited and inhabited.

While the act of drawing came easily, the letting go of past failures, attachments and expectations did not. It is these that form the focus of Sarah’s astonishingly beautiful pages, as we bear witness to her making the world her own.

The Book of Sarah will be published by Myriad in May 2019.

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