Spotlight Books

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The Spotlight Books series features:

Cora Vincent by Georgina Aboud
The Haunting of Strawberry Water by Tara Gould
Stroking Cerberus by Jacqueline Haskell
Summon by Elizabeth Ridout
Crumbs by Ana Tewson-Bozic
Memories of a Swedish Grandmother 
by Sarah Windebank

‘This dazzling series shows that if the barriers can be vaulted there is true beauty to be had from the lesser-walked streets of literature. These works are both nourishing and inspiring, and a gift to any reader.’—Kerry Hudson

Spotlight Books is a collaboration between Creative Future, New Writing South and Myriad to discover, guide and support writers who are under-represented due to mental or physical health issues, disability, race, class, gender identity or social circumstance.

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