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Apparently, we spend almost two weeks of our life completely lost. That if you add up all the times you take a wrong turn or find yourself somewhere you don’t want to be, it equates to fourteen days of essentially being missing. 

One Monday afternoon, around three o’clock, pond supplies salesman Selwyn Robby arrives home towing the Toogood Aquatics exhibition caravan and orders his like-wife to get into the car. He’s taking her on a little holiday, he says. To Wales. 

So begins their road trip west via ponds, pitstops, and blasts from Selwyn’s past. But it’s a fishy business towing this caravan with its saucy mermaid curtains, fully stocked bar, and the words ‘For your pondlife and beyond’ in the sort of red slanted font favoured by pound shops. And Imogen Dare must untangle the pondweed to get to the bottom of it, even it does mean unearthing her own murky-watered past to find out.   

Myriad will publish Pondweed in July 2020.

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