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Blackwood and Naming Monsters by Hannah Eaton. ‘Tis the season for a spine-tingle…

For a limited time only you can buy buy both of Hannah Eaton’s graphic novels for £27.99 (usually £31.98).

Blackwood is a unique graphic novel of a small town community creates a mini-Middlemarch with a Wicker Man twist in a beautifully drawn murder mystery. Blackwood  both harks back to days of folklore and is a harbinger of future times in the political landscape we now find ourselves living in. Published this September, it’s terrifying, spooky and an utterly fascinating read.

‘Eaton’s time-jumping mystery crosses generations and decades with a frighteningly relevant mix of folklore and social commentary. A quietly brooding indictment of British insularity that is all the more sinister for its unsettling familiarity. A strikingly contemporary book.’ Andy Oliver

Blackwood is a town where past generations and their secrets lie just below the surface, as well preserved as any bog body, and past deeds are continually remembered, recanted and repeated. Hannah Eaton proves herself, once again, a skilful archaeologist of the English psyche’s darker obsessions. A humane but chilling book.’ Dr Catherine Butler

Naming Monsters was published in 2013 and shortlisted for both the MFGNC and the Graphic Scotland 9th Art Award. An adult Where the Wild Things Are, Naming Monsters is a compelling graphic novel showing what happens when your emotions become personified by monsters, and how you can learn to live with them.

‘ Very impressive… this is scary good.’ Alison Bechdel

‘ A strange and haunting contemporary folk tale… It will stay with you, incubus-like, long after you’ve finished it. Beware and enjoy.’ Ian Rankin

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