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'Heyman’s impressively chameleon writing—now sparkling, then striking, twisting to ticklingly humorous, then gently poetic—shines a bright light on the past itself in vivid, revelatory flashbacks. It is brilliant.' —The Scotsman

Kacey needs to escape—from poverty, from a family who cares little for her, and from the trauma of a rape trial.

No matter how far she travels as she hitchhikes across Australia, she can’t outrun the stigma or the memories that haunt her. Sharp, sassy and determined not to be broken, she accepts a job as a cook on a fishing boat.

Totally inexperienced, both as a sailor and a chef, a girl among tough working men and literally all at sea, Kacey confronts more than just the elements on the journey that follows. Facing a ferocious storm as well as treachery, she learns how to fashion a new story for herself—one in which she is strong enough to be the hero.

These are captivating memories of growing up in Australia, and the tribulations Heyman encounters and escapes. Unsentimental and unflinching, she stares down disaster and looks back with a healthy rage and exhilarating intelligence.

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