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Funny Weather

Everything You Didn't Want To Know About Climate Change But Probably Should Find Out
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From one of Britain's most talented young comic artists, here is a scathingly humorous, and thoroughly researched, exploration of climate change.

How often do you read something shocking, something depressing, and then put it aside and try to forget about it? Cartoonist Kate Evans takes on the challenge of awakening us from our apathy, and our hope that someone else is going to do something about it. After a graphic exploration of climate chaos and its repercussions around the world, Kate Evans looks at how it could all get radically worse, what we’re going to do about it, and how we can take action and inspiration. As George Monbiot says in his introduction: ‘In other words, we need a new Messiah. Or failing that, Kate Evans.’

Kate Evans is also the author of The Food of Love and Bump.

Funny Weather