The Arts Foundation Futures Awards 2020: Zara Slattery, shortlisted

The 2020 Arts Foundation’s Futures Awards announced Zara Slattery, author of upcoming graphic memoir, Comic Coma, as one of their four shortlisted artists within the comics category, alongside Esther McManus, Danny Noble and Jess Taylor.

Broken Frontier covered the awards with a lovely interview with each artist, online HERE.

ZARA SLATTERY: “I started as an illustrator who likes to tell stories. I’ve always experimented with visual storytelling, in the past combining live action and illustration for both live performances and character and story development. I started playing around with comics after joining a writing group and being introduced to some amazing comic books and artists. I love creating silent comics and very much like to process of writing as I draw, and weaving myself along a story. Equally I enjoy the structure of translating text, thumbnailing and researching. My themes vary from silly to serious; and tend to be on subjects of identity, art, culture, and graphic medicine. I share my work online, and my work-in-progress primarily on Instagram. Much of my work can be seen on my website and I have a poorly run Etsy shop.”